Please respect our privacy and our time.

The organizing team is made up entirely of Black women and queer folks. We do not have the time, emotional energy or psychological strength to respond to every single media request. We are all either full time students or work full time. There are only 7 of us. Seven overworked, over-consumed, over-tokenized and over-desired Black bodies.

Do not call us on our private cell phone numbers. Do not message us on our private social media accounts. Do not message us via GoFundMe or our personal email addresses. Do not seek out our places of employment and contact us there. Most importantly, do not contact any Black woman in Vancouver and assume that they are part of the organizing team or have any desire and time to talk to you (yes, this actually happened).

We will respond to you when we have time ONLY via our Facebook page or our email address (

We may make exceptions if you are offering us a buttload of cash or a free vacation to Hawaii.

If you are interested in writing about our events, please show up! Everything we say there will wholeheartedly represent our mission as a collective. Listen to what we have to say there, chat with us and our attendees, take photos, absorb what we have to give you in this allotted time.

If we have a pre-existing relationship with you, or you are a grass-roots, community-based, not-for-profit media outlet, we are happy to chat more in a way that is convenient and respectful for both parties.